South Shore Craft Brewery will be Nassau County's newest craft brewery! We focus on quality brewing techniques, attention to detail, and a passion for brewing. You experience a real working brewery by your close proximity to the equipment used in the production of the beer, there is no place to hide it.  The classic taproom conveys a rustic and industrial theme, which matches our location in Oceanside, New York. South Shore Craft Brewery is a farm brewery. This means we source most of our ingredients from NYS suppliers and growers and feel this sets us apart from other companies in a positive way. This license also permits the sale of many other NYS products, beverages including cider and wine.

THE BEER         

For us this is a long-time hobby that turned into a passion and which we now plan to turn into our business. South Shore Craft Brewery will begin our brewing operations with a 7-barrel system and a few 7-BBL fermenters along with one 15-barrel fermenter so we can double batch some of our most popular brews for canning and distribution.  

        THE BREWERS        

        THE BREWERY        

(the build)

(the idea)

3505 Hampton Rd., Oceanside, NY 11572


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